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All payments made to Room Seven are handled by MultiSafepay. MultiSafepay is a Dutch service provider for online payments. All details are submitted through a secure connection (SSL - Secure Sockets Layer) to keep them strictly confidential. Room Seven cannot retrieve any part of your payment information. Your payment is guaranteed safe. For more information, please visit www.multisafepay.com.

Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods to make shopping at Room Seven as safe and easy as possible:

Payment methods


iDEAL is the most popular payment method of the Netherlands. Customers select iDEAL in our online shop and complete the payment in your personal banking environment. IDEAL is easy and quickly to use, all payment details are filled in for you and you will be immediately notified of successful payment. For more information, please visit www.ideal.nl.

Credit Card

We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. In order to avoid delays in checking your order information, when entering your credit card details please ensure the correct spelling of your name, credit card number, validity and the security code as displayed on your credit card.


Maestro is a part of MasterCard. You may already recognise this brand of widely accepted credit cards. The difference between a debit card with a Maestro logo and a credit card with a MasterCard logo, is that a Maestro card is linked to your bank account, and the amount of your purchases is deducted directly from that account. A credit card allows you to pay via instalments and/or a revolving line of credit, with the limit set by the issuer. Generally, if you pay the entire bill at the end of the month, no interest is charged.


PayPal is an online payment service that allows you to easily and securely pay online. You can join PayPal by clicking the PayPal website to open an account, where you can deposit money or connect to your bank account or credit card. Once you have approved a payment, PayPal deducts the amount automatically from your PayPal account, bank account or credit card account. For more information about PayPal: www.paypal.nl.

SOFORT Banking

SOFORT Banking is the direct payment method of SOFORT AG. SOFORT Banking allows you to directly and automatically trigger a credit transfer during your online purchase with your online banking information. A transfer order is instantly confirmed to merchant allowing an instant delivery of goods and services.

SOFORT Banking has been certified by the largest German quality and security institute, the TÜV, according to best-practice data privacy standards. There is no need for an additional registration or a credit card. It works simply, secure and fast with your online banking account. For more information: www.payment-network.com.

Uncompleted payments

If the payment is not properly completed, you can use the link in the confirmation email of the order again. This link takes you back to the payment screen to finalize the payment. If the link is not working correctly, please contact our Customer Service via info(at)roomseven.com or at +31 72 51 27 552 (office hours GMT+1).

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